Leading the charge.

Zeta Energy has created the world's first and only successful lithium sulfur battery.

Our Technology

Zeta has reinvented both the anode and cathode with revolutionary improvements in all three critical areas:




Zeta Energy technology has been rigorously tested and has shown consistently better performance than existing lithium ion batteries*
450 Wh/kg
Energy Density
Up to 10C
Charge Rate
2000 Cycles
Full Charge/Discharge Cycles
<5% after one year

Zeta Energy Anodes

Zeta Energy lithium metal anodes have higher capacity than any current or advanced anode technology...and they are dendrite free!
Figure: Vertically-aligned carbon nanotubes, double-sided on copper foil, 2022
Anode Gravimetric Density

Higher Gravimetric Density

Zeta Energy anodes outperform other current and advanced anode technologies, with significantly higher gravimetric density than other major anode chemistries and none of the dendrites that typically form on pure lithium metal anodes.

Zeta Energy Cathodes

Zeta Energy sulfur-based cathodes are inherently inexpensive, have effective cost-per-energy, use no cobalt and have zero dependency on precious metal cost volatility or foreign nations.

Zeta's cathode is based on a sulfurized carbon material that offers high stability and superior sulfur content, outperforming current metal-based cathode materials.


Zeta Energy batteries are sustainably sourced and recyclable. Their higher density, lower cost, and better safety profile than today’s batteries will enable breakthroughs in electrification that help us address climate change and democratize energy production.