About Us

Zeta Energy was founded in 2014 to develop and commercialize safe and long-lasting lithium-sulfur batteries that are higher performing, lower cost and sustainably manufactured. Zeta has filed more than sixty patents on its proprietary anode and cathode technology. Zeta's management team collectively has more than 100 years of experience in developing and commercializing new technology.


Zeta Energy Corp
1315 W Sam Houston Parkway N     
Ste 180
Houston, Texas 77043

Zeta Energy GmbH
Beethovenplatz 2, 80336 München, 

Our Team

Charles Maslin


25+ years building companies. Last start-up earned stakeholders over $100m in a 5-year period. BS in Economics, JD from NY Law and Executive Program at U Penn/Wharton.


Tom Pilette


30+ years experience in product development, advanced material and manufacturing focusing on energy systems and new technology for auto industry.  Former Global VP of Product & Process Development for Magna International.

Dr. Abdul-Rahman Raji

Chief Technology Officer

15+ years' experience as a materials scientist/nanotechnologist and a world leader in research on lithium-sulfur batteries. Developed the core LB technology based on GCNT at Rice University under Prof. James Tour. Former head of graphene battery technology research at U of Cambridge.


Michael Liedtke

Chief Commercial Officer

Executive with extensive energy storage experience. Former VP of Business Development for Maxwell Technologies and Sr. VP of Skeleton Technologies. Strong automotive and aviation background positions at BMW Group, Daimler and Boeing.

Dr. Rodrigo Salvatierra

Chief Science Officer

Chemist with 15+ years of experience in research & development on vertically aligned carbon nanotubes, sulfurized carbon cathodes, and lithium-sulfur batteries. Formerly a postdoctoral fellow under Prof. James Tour with responsibility for cathode development, new anode technology and initial scale up.


Dr. Melissa Schilling

Head of Strategic Marketing & Innovation

25+ years of formulating strategy for firms in high technology industries and advising on innovation management. Author of the most widely used innovation strategy textbook in the world. PhD from University of Washington.

Michael Zemble

Chief Financial Officer

Financial executive with 20+ years of manufacturing experience in the automotive, medical, scientific & CP sectors. Expert in corporate controls and policies for rapidly growing entities. BA in Economics from Yale, MBA in Finance from Wharton.

Dr. Tuo Wang

Principal Battery Scientist

Rice PhD chemist and materials scientist with research experience since 2011. Conducted 7 independent projects in a 4-year PhD program under Prof. James Tour. Developed ultrafast charging Li anodes and invented battery safety mechanisms.

Todd Foley

Head of Government and Investor Relations

Former SVP of ACORE. 30 years of experience in energy, regulatory policy and technology commercialization.


Dr. Joseph Laux

Head of Materials Industrialization

Harvard PhD Chemist. Over 30 years of experience in advanced materials with BMW, Dow Chemicals and Magna.

Richard Garfinkel

Director of Corporate Development

35 years experience in sales, marketing and commercialization in the telecommunications and energy sectors.

Mourad Hassan

Operations & Safety Management

Over nineteen years experience managing operations and safety. Formerly worked at Methanex, Shell and BP.

Dr. Pavan Raja

Senior Process Manager

More than fifteen years experience in advanced materials R&D, safety, and scale-up. Formerly worked at Baker Hughes, Praxair and Rice University.

Our Advisors


Prof. Dr. Burkhard Göschel

Former member BMW Group Board of Management, EVP, R&D and Purchasing. Former CTO of Magna International. Founder of Formula E.

Dr. Franz Josef Kruger

CEO of Innoventis Consulting and Sr. Advisor to Roland Berger. Former Sr. VP at Treofan, Director of R&D for Varta and Powergenix VP of Eng., with expertise in battery development & commercialization.

Arthur Behiel

Patent attorney with over 20 years of experience writing, prosecuting &
litigating patents.

Ron DeGregorio

Former President of Exelon Power. Oversaw operations of assets generating more than 15,000 megawatts of electricity in the US and Canada. Led integration during merger with Constellation Energy.

Jay Worenklein

Chairman and CEO of US Grid Company and a respected leader in the US power industry. He has been responsible for structuring and investing more than $100 billion in power and energy assets.